Is Curiosity Rovering For Archaeology On Mars ?


Among the thousands of images sent in 2013 by the laboratory-rover Curiosity, are many showing what is called Martian anomalies.

On transmitted pictures, you can see specific forms usually simply called “strange rock” and you could be surprised by the amount of discoveries found these past months on the Martian landscape. Undoubtedly, some images of the soil of Mars, taken by the rover during the year 2013, appear to be particularly fruitful. Before your eyes are many stones or maybe objects, some of which could be here for a long time. And if, for most of them, they do not resemble to anything known, they can in fact not be confused with optical illusions.

The year 2013 has really been eventful and photos sent by the rover Curiosity led successful discoveries of Martian anomalies. These results can certainly be further classified into Archaeology than in Geology because of some evidence. But these new findings need an open mind. Because if, among the thousands of published images in JPL/ NASA websites, are some of the robot itself (and from its wheels now widely used), many others show quiet places where you can really discover curious rocks with so enigmatic forms.

(crop from JPL/NASA images)

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