Curiosity : A Light Beam on Mars and a UFO ?

The Curiosity rover has reached its next study area, closer to the rocks that study over the next few weeks.

Curiosity is on a small hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding area known as “Kimberley” where four different types of rocks intersect. The activities of the Kimberley region represent a break from the road rover before reaching Mount Sharp.


April 8th, I was working for my blog in French on an article whose subject is the Martian day 589 when some information began to circulate on certain websites including the Houston Chronicle and Space Reporter. It is a bright flash from the surface of Mars that was recently photographed by one of the two Curiosity rover’s NavCam.


Thinking that this news would quickly go around the Web, I did on my blog in French a brief Post during the afternoon of April 8th. Of course, the next day the entire Press is talking about this light. In fact, it is true that the beam of light was photographed by one of the twin NavCam cameras on April 3 at 10:00:03, and it is equally true that there is no light on the other photo at the same hour.

Also a UFO ?

With a little searching, I found not far from the beam light picture another one taken on the same day. On, it appears what could be a UFO. Could, because, again, there is nothing on the same picture of the other camera.


The crop is from a picture who actually comes from the NASA official website, taken at 10:01:15. All this is really challenging and mysterious.