2013 : Year Of Amazing Discoveries For Curiosity On Mars

At the end of 2013, everybody knows now the Curiosity rover-lab has already taken more than 100,000 images of the soil of Mars. He joined other NASA robots on the red planet in August 2012 and sent its pictures consistently.

For Curiosity on Mars, the year 2013 was rich in events and more photos sent by the rover allow fruitful discoveries of Martian anomalies. These findings may surely be classified in the Archaeology because of some evidence.

Rocks who could be not only

Among the thousands of images published on the websites of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, some are representing the robot itself (and its now really used wheels), and many photographies were showing strange places where sometimes you can see curious rocks with less or more enigmatic forms. Many “rocks” with weird shapes are simply visible on the surface of the planet or partially buried in the soil.

Along the year 2013, the rover encountered some renewed software problems. In fact, day after day, dozens of images are taken from the mysterious red planet and transmitted to Earth by Curiosity, even in black and white or in color. On some pictures, strange something like…objects.

Amazing pictures, fruitful discoveries

For the tenacious observer, amazing pictures of the Martian landscape taken by the rover in the third quater of 2013 seem particularly fruitful. On them, one among others, an object – may be a statuette – looking really to have been Made in Mars and whose name is now Staetolma. It is, above all, the best example. And of course, this just raises more questions about life on Mars in the past.

(crop from JPL/NASA images – here with High Dynamic Range effect)